Warren D. takes the long view, explaining "I like a company that has an eye to the future. Maybe I'll stick with the Malwarebytes Premium trial for another few hundred thousand years."



"I can already tell this is not going to be fun", predicts Charles A. "This is the website of the payment gateway service I've been asked to integrate with."



Disappointments come in threes, and Jim S. has now got a full set.
"Disappointment 1: Having my VERY expensive Apple Studio Display fail with less than 3 weeks of use.
Disappointment 2: Discovering it's no longer possible to book Genius Bar appointments yourself. Apple has to do it.
Disappointment 3: Clicking the Add to Wallet button on the appointment email and getting this. "



"I can walk faster than I can drive" crows Dale A. He thinks "apparently I can drive from one side of Canada to the other at 2300 mph, but I can walk 8800 mph on the way back." That's some headwind.



Last weekend, Mark W. was looking for some fun, but no joy. "I assume a date was meant here. But then, given that an exclamation mark normally means negation, maybe Illustrator just has a headache."



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