Aspirational Caleb Su thinks this birth-year chooser is a WTF. "You have to be in at least 8th grade to join, meaning at the very latest you could be born in 2009." Not so, Caleb, not so! A precocious 8th grader might have been born as late as 2013. It could happen.



"I've never seen a furnace running Linux. Was it autocorrect gone crazy? Wonder if the Lennox man knows what sudo is for?" huffed Quentin G., heatedly.



"What's up?" Scott P. wonders. "On US Bank's site to look at my account, checked the free credit score monitoring they offer. We seem to have different definitions of up." I think it's an adjective.



Clever Paul eviscerates Bugsnag's business model. "From an online web map application, on how to report an error to their support service. How come I've never thought of that? Ask the customer to debug the code!"



While watch watcher John DeTreville clucks "Apple's double-talk generator must be set to 11."



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