We received a surfeit of submissions this week. The choices below were selected almost at random, but coincidentally two of them were sent in by regular reader Michael R. to start things off.

Said Michael "Reading CodeSOD on 2023-05-15 made me brush up my knowledge of log. Little did I know that it comes with its own defects. Thank you Google." If you were a mathematician, and wanted to build a wooden table, what else would you use?



Excited by his discovery, Michael took himself to the theatre to celebrate with a wee tipple but found himself stuck in a rounding dilemma. "So today I went to see Sally Phillips in Bleak Expectations in the theatre and bought one 330ml beer for £5.50. I wish the review form would meet my expectations." What's the rule for exactly .5? Up if it's odd, down if it's even?



Daring dilettante Daniel D. defies the basilisk to complain "ChatGPT tells you to wait for the response to complete... while it says 'error generating response' and disallows you to send another prompt. I mean error response is also a response, kind of? Can we call it Schrödinger's response that exists and does not?"



Big Reader Orion S. flexes his literacy with this example. "I think they forgot the colon in their :P" he teased. Lookit Orion, reading books.



It's not an error but the Beast in Black uncovered an amusing artifact in the South Pacific. Or is that the Southern Ocean? "I found the 'something' part of 'rock or something'," says the Beast. I have heard the old sailors say that there is a significant seamount somewhere in that general area if you need to divert yourself for a few hours chasing random web links



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