This week we bring you a whole set of submissions that prove, once again, that web programmers just can't keep track of time. But first, a sop with a regular. Is a flying NaN safer than a Camel? I wouldn't recommend making either a habit.

Friend Argle right, submissions to Error'd from actual desktop applications are rare. He explanes "I routinely expect this from websites. I did NOT expect to find it in MSFS. It came up when I deleted all the digits." Good for you, Mr. B. I can't type a lick without digits.



This week, johng shared us a headscratcher. He explains it thus: "Well, we all knew that the timeloop was coming but apparently the timeloop already occurred in 2020 (huh, pandemic you say?), so is ahead of us here and lists the devices where you've logged in and enabled push notifications, ordered by timeloop stamp." I can't figure out how they did this.



A bad movie fan, wisely anonymous, suspects his taste in cinema may degrade in his dotage. "I wonder how much $19.99 will be worth in 977 years when I finally see the movie. At least there's a bonus."



Nostalgia for his youth lead Michael to first seek, then shun a classic film. "Do I feel lucky^H^H^H^H^Hold?", he asked rhetorically. Well? Do you, punk?



Finally, antiquarian AJ found a rare copy of a moldy manga at Amazon. "Sadly this old manga is currently not available, but I hear even Napoleon liked it." Who knew?



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