Happy Friday to those who celebrate. Enjoy it while it lasts, because Greg L. has some bad news. "It was nice hanging out with all of you, but it looks like the Sun is scheduled to expire Sunday morning." It's worse than that: the laws of physics are being replaced.



Ben S. shares a WTF that actually makes me glad I don't own one of those printers. "The printer was turned off for at least three days before I turned it on yesterday morning (June 18), but I didn't get this reminder until it had been turned on for almost 24 hours. Maybe they've confused off and on?"



Bart needs a legal opinion, so naturally he asked the Internet. "I guess we're skipping the terms&conditions now, nobody reads them anyway. Agree or Exit?" I'd agree, surely those terms can't be enforceable.



Dane Jeppe makes me wonder if the Roman empire ever made it that far north. My memory of European history is fading, but I think the answer is no. Which surely explains his confusion when he rants "Buy a new watch and get 10 to 99 percent discount! Which one will it be? We won't tell you!" XX is obviously 20, Jeppe.



Finally, Mr. TA has found a possible explanation for a large portion of the content on this site, muttering "they should study the creators of PHP while they're at it"



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