"I'd say that this brings new meaning to what a 'core dump' really is," Paul N. writes.


"Looks like someone at Google got tired of typing exit names all day," Shawn A. writes, "And in case you wondered, voice navigation actually spelled 'ASD'."


"At first glance, Google News got the wrong pic, but the more you think about it, maybe it didn't," wrote Matt S.


Mike S. writes, "I was hoping for overflow, but all I got was NaN."


"I got this dialog/error message pixel for pixel (originally 2930x128) today and boy I am glad that I have two monitors or I wouldn't be able to press the OK button," writes John A.


"I'd love to see the datetime logic that resulted in this gem," writes Baldrick.


Pramod V. writes, "Now this is what I call the ULTIMATE portable!"


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