Waiting for his wave to collapse, surfer Mike I. harmonizes "Nice try Power BI, but you're not doing quantum computing quite right." Or, does he?



Finn Antti, caught in a hella Catch-22, explains " Apparently I need to install Feedback Hub from Microsoft Store to tell Microsoft that I can't install Feedback Hub from Microsoft Store."



Our old friend Pascal shares "Coupon codes don't work very well when they are URL encoded."



Uninamed pydsigner has a strong meme game. "It's bad enough when your fairly popular meme creation site runs out of storage, but to be unable to serve your pictures as a result? The completely un-obfuscated stacktrace is just insult to the injury. "



But the submission from Brad W. wins this week's prize . Says he: "The vehicle emissions site (linked directly from the state site) isn't handling the increased traffic well, but their error handling is superb. An online code browser allowing for complete examination of the entire stack and surroundings."



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