Dan writes, "This happened when selecting 'see more' under my (Your) recommendations. Maybe there's buried treasure somewhere?"


"I found this while browsing Ikea jobs," Ian J. wrote, "A series of tasks...based on generic profile details. I might have a shot!"


"Flavor? I hope it comes in pumpkin spice!" writes Stephanie F.


"Part of me doesn't want to see the bill, but another part can't wait to see my bill," wrote Dallas H.


Aeden M. writes, "There has to be a threat somewhere on this machine, even the computer thinks it's a possibility."


"Looks like upwork.com may need to be more picky of the freelancers they use on their site," writes Jeremy.


"No matter my score, I find that my overall Windows experience is impacted by this 'error'," writes Steve.


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