"Geeze thanks, IntelliJ, I don't think that you're really giving me a choice here," write Mike R.


"Now, I don't know how many gigabytes one can fit in a kettle, but if you're expecting a room full of visitors or a big meeting, and need to increase capacity right away, this is for you," John W. writes.


Ryan S. wrote, "Sure you could go for the two phones where you know all the details, but c'mon...where's the fun in that?"


"Verizon's Ad misses the mark just like you will likely miss the coverage area if you don't stand real still," writes Jake


Paul T. wrote, "Possibly the least descriptive notification ever, but at least I know which app it came from."


Martin G. wrote, "I tried to complete it as fast as possible, but apparently I've been playing it for over 45 years!"


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