"This warning comes highly recommended!" writes Sean H.


This comment is just a placeholder for the Error'd submission that Dan L. sent our way.


"I spotted an animated advertisement for X server errors in Paris' Gare de Lyon train station," writes Jonathan G.


Yoann writes, "Hmm....Call me crazy, but I think 'catastrophic' might be exaggerating things just a little."


"It seems the folder path for the currently executing application can double as a warning message," Sean writes, "And, it's a yes/no question too!"


"I've been seeing this error for the last few mornings at a local dealership," Brian M. wrote, "I'm worried as to how long it'll take for them to notice."


"It's a good thing gmail protects your average everyday user from having to see all that annoying geeky technical info, like the number 5," Benjamin writes.


Bobbie wrote, "Apparently the newest restaurant in the area has a catchy name."


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