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Apr 2020

Rushin' Translation

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Cid works for a German company. From day one, management knew that they wanted their application to be multi-lingual, if nothing else because they knew they needed to offer it in English. So from the ground up, the codebase was designed to make localization easy; resource files contained all the strings, the language specific ones could be loaded dynamically, and even UI widgets could flex around based on locale needs.

In the interests of doing it right, when it came time to make the English version, they even went out and contracted a translation company. A team of professional translators went through the strings, checked through the documentation and the requirements, even talked to stakeholders to ensure accurate translations. The English version shipped, and everyone- company and customers included were happy with the product.

Better Off Ted

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When working on a programming team, you need to make sure everyone on the team is aware of the changes you make. This is to ensure that everyone knows what task they're doing, what feature the rest of the team might not have to worry about, or any potential conflicts - among other reasons.

Once those changes are made, you want them reviewed. Perhaps one other developer does it, perhaps a group, or perhaps the whole team. Once approved, the changes get applied to the live application.