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Mar 2021

Reinventing the Wheel

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Vigyan Ashram Chemistry Lab

There are often two types of software development departments mentioned: the kind where software is the product, and the kind where software enhances or sells the product. ChemCo is a third type: a physical chemistry lab, one with extensive customization of lab setups and computer-controlled devices that need to be programmed, as well as a need for statistics and simulations to handle the results. The team includes one C/LabVIEW magician, one Octave specialist, one Java developer, and one Python scripter. Therefore, most of the computer-controlled setups have LabVIEW GUIs and C DLLs for the logic, though some have Python over top of the DLLs instead.

Worlds Collide

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George had gotten a new job as a contractor at a medium-sized book distributor. He arrived nice and early on Day 1, enthusiastic about a fresh start in a new industry.