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Oct 2022

Protocol Zero

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Ten years ago, James was working for a small company that made electronic components. That company got eaten by Initech, who wanted to connect all those smart electronic devices to their own products. This meant that the two companies had to agree on what that communication protocol would look like. More than that, this was on the critical path to completing the merger- Initech wouldn't go through with the purchase if they couldn't integrate with the systems they were purchasing.

Negotiations were difficult. A lot of the challenge came from Initech's side, because they wanted to make the protocol a "do everything" system for managing data, which just wasn't something the embedded components were designed for. Over the course of many months, a design document gradually took shape.

Clbuttic Consequences

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Hello my name is sticker

ComCorp went through a rather lengthy process to rebuild its website. One of the many changes implemented was to stop using titles as part of customer names. The lead developer on the project decided that removing the titles from all the places where they appeared was simply too much work.

Special Validation

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Wireless Router (50841204223)

Ah, routers. The one piece of networking hardware that seems inescapable; even the most tech-illiterate among us needs to interface with their router at least once, to set up their home network so they can access the internet. Router technology has changed a lot over the years, including how you interface with the admin portal: instead of having to navigate to a specific IP address, some of them have you navigate to a URL that is intercepted by the router and redirected to the admin interface, making it easier for laymen to recall. But routers have their share of odd problems. I recently had to buy a new one because the one I was using was incompatible with my company's VPN for cryptic reasons even helpdesk had no real understanding of.