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Feb 2023

Take Off

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Slow news week at Error'd, so we're dusting off a couple of submissions from earlier. That last one's a beauty, eh?

Special Dave flexes "Got my annual request for a donation to Habitat for Humanity. Not sure if their new URL is meant to convey just how special I am as a donor, or if someone was goofing off with a test for formatting the form and forgot to change before their production run." We love you too, sweet cheeks.

Even Auld Lang Syner

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When the New Year just isn't exciting anymore, and you need an extra dose of that New Year smell, you can get it right here at Errorerr'd. Again. Dates are (not this) hard.

We are very satisfied with this submission from Ben S. who pithily noted "This was the 2023 survey."


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No real theme this week, just some random groaners to tide you through the weekend.

Historian Drew W. wonders "I'm not sure which is weirder: the fact that Verizon has a bunch of numbers after it or that AT&T seems to be stuck in roughly 2013 (when Sprint killed the Nextel network for good)."

You Spin Me Right Round

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Audiophile Gear H. enthused "Love me some Bob Dylan. But it looks like I'll need to save up to complete my collection."