Alli writes, "I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I'm glad to see that it got cleared up before it got too specific for SMS alerts."


"I was puzzled by this question from Chrome," writes Claudio, "but mostly, I was afraid I'd choose the wrong one."


"I had (earlier today) installed VisualStudio 2010 and a local copy of the help files for it," wrote Simon Frischeisen, "Now (a while later) I was using Alt-Tab to switch between applications and was wondering about a to me unknown icon in the list. So I switched to that application and was greeted by the window I have attached the screenshot of. It seems Microsoft has a rather curious definition of 'invisible'"


"My Beethoven playlist on Pandora picked a song from Braveheart, on a Star Trek album, with Titanic album art. Where is this CD and how do I get it?" asks Jackie.


"I never ordered a blah blah! Or a final line of whatever, for that matter," Justin complained.


Sean recently spotted this rather expensive tablet at a Staples in Rochester, NY.


"An employee returned their iPhone and after sitting in the Mobility admin's desk for a week he switched it on and was presented with this gem," wrote Leigh Fawkes.


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