"Sadly, whoever created this survey didn't think to include a 'None of the Above' option," noted Rob Meier, "Better get packing I guess."


"I was trying to install Fiddler in my XP Virtual PC," writes Dan P., "I guess it's a good thing that I really do want to install it."


Cheska V. wrote, "I was hoping to see when my Mom's flight was to arrive but was thwarted by ...MS Access?!"


"If you think 45,000 years remaining is a long time to wait, you should have seen what it was like earlier in the progress bar," writes John Bridleman.


"I was signing up for the 'Spouse Only Spouse' (which title is itself kind of a WTF) life insurance coverage during my company's open enrollment,"Julie wrote, "Silly me - I neglected to specify just WHICH spouse needed the coverage!"


"Hooray! Now that I'm signed up, the real fun begins," lamented Matt.


Colin Love wrote, "Reason number 73 of why I hate Siemens software."


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