"If time flies when you're having fun, especially when you're on the Internet, then this was the best cruise ever!" Mark F. wrote.


Val wrote, "I'm trying to shelve some code in TFS from Visual Studio 2012, and get this error. I'm only checking in 15 files..."


"I recently took an online test while revising for an exam. Apparently, I nailed it and then some!" Stephen writes.


"Saw these hotel getaways on Groupon," writes Chad G., "At nearly a million dollars, they're a bit out of my price range, but over 100 people bought it so it must be a good deal!"


"This children's game suddenly took a cryptic and disappointing turn," Paula wrote.


"This was what the map display looked like after our flight was over," Loren P. writes, "The airplane in Los Angeles is correct, but that's about it."


"I REALLY wanted to download Teracopy portable from Softonic, but the download didn't pass the security check of 0 out of 23 servers," Michael T. writes.


Adrian wrote, "I think Slashdot and I have different ideas of what the word 'disabled' means."


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