"What integer do you suppose fits in this range?" wonders Spencer


"I think Creative Centrale couldn't handle the music stored in my computer," Maar wrote, "the text translates roughly 'Some tray icons can't be shown. There isn't enough space to show all objects in system tray. Uninstall some programs or try to use larger display resolution.'"


"Yet another reason to avoid the 'fancy' quote characters," notes Greg Galcik.


"I received this email from Medicare about a file we sent them, and it reminded me of one of the The Three Great Lies," wrote Carl Worley, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you."


"Well," writes Nicole, "that's one way to decorate the house."


"I was trying to install the latest JDK," writes Remy Porter, "but when I reached the screen for the 'Optional' components, I discovered that Oracle was using a radically different definition of 'optional'."


"What is the notice period?" Jigar writes, "mine is actually File Not Found."


Joel Lingenfelter spotted this in Vegas.


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