Now, it wasn’t that Gary was an unlikeable person, he just had a pompous arrogant attitude that got in the way of coworkers in Jake’s workplace from getting to know the true, “hidden” Gary. A self-proclaimed “genius developer extraordinaire”, he was famous around the office for two things.

First being…pointing out how much of a genius he is! During his morning rounds, Gary would strike up a conversation about his latest round of changes saved the company untold sums of money, all the while, sprinkling in words like “instantiate” and “overload” as often and as irrelevantly as possible.

Second – after telling you just how much of a genius he is, Gary would point out that without his efforts, the entire system that managed the company’s supply chain would fail – in short, he was irreplaceable.

Management, on the other hand, disagreed with Gary’s self-assessment. Despite his bragging and grandstanding, Gary still had trouble meeting deadlines and following functional specs (being a jerk also helped with the decision too).

On his way out, with one box in-hand, Gary shook his fist at the office shouting "Just wait – you’ll need me and I’ll be gone!" but all everybody simply rolled their eyes at his tirade and returned to work.

Skip ahead to the next week and suddenly, jobs such as inventory re-costing hung with not even so much as a mention of a reason in the log.

A task force was assembled to look into the problem and look over the source and found the below method copy-pasted in half of the “classes” Gary had contributed during his tenure to the system’s supposedly unattended services.

 ' Checks for the existence of the file. If it does not exist, 
 ' tries to create it. –Gary B. 12-OCT-05
 ' Added confirm box for debugging purposed – Gary B. 13-OCT-05

 Private Sub FileCheck()
     Dim FileExists As Boolean

     If File.Exists(FilePath) Then
         FileExists = True
             MessageBox.Show( _
	         "File does not exist. Attempting to create needed files", _
		 "File(s) Missing", _
		 MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel, MessageBoxIcon.Information)
             'Populate file with default text
             SW = New StreamWriter(FilePath)
             FileExists = True
         Catch ex As Exception
             MessageBox.Show(ex.ToString, "File Creation Error", _
	          MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)
         End Try
     End If
 End Sub
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