K. K. sent in an example of his company's naming conventions for methods, in which if you have a method that's used frequently, you repeat part of its name for dramatic effect.

"Back in the days when assembly ruled the world, there were some not so straightforward ways widely employed to set a register to zero," Ilya writes. "For instance, 'xor ax,ax' or 'and r[0],0'." Imagine Ilya's surprise when he found out that creative techniques are still in use in modern languages.

float sp = car[0].act.speed;
sp -= sp;
car[0].act.speed = sp;

I can only assume that the above snippet is what was used to stop a car when going in reverse in Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

Finally, Jeff S. (one of our more active forum members) sent in two quickies from two separate applications he'd inherited:

<h2 class="head3">Order Summary</h2>

And from a database schema:

  /* SNIP */
  RealRegionID INT NOT NULL REFERENCES Regions(RegionID),
  /* SNIP */

The real WTF is that he forgot a NoDudeSeriouslyRealRegionID column.

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