The store was abuzz leading up to the most gala event that Computer Czar store 893 would have the honor and privilege of hosting. After the big night, they'd have to wait an agonizing three months until the next one. It was time for the Quarterly Computer Czar Store 893 Service Recognition Award Ceremony.

To even be considered for such an honor required a strength of will and determination that only a small number of the employees lacked. Not only did you have to not get fired or quit, but you had to continue to not get fired or quit for one, five, or ten years!

It was a mandatory event for all the employees, and many just stayed for the extra 15 minutes past the end of their shift. Susan, the store manager, stood behind the beat-up podium that generally sat in an ignored corner of the warehouse. She worked her way through the names, calling specific employees up to retrieve their awards — for five years a pen and pencil set, for ten years a corporate logo pocketknife.

When she was down to just two awards left, she proudly said "...and in recognition of five years of service, Poss Training!" No one moved. "Poss — is he — she — is Poss here?"

It took John a few seconds to realize what had happened. P.O.S. Training was a cashier account used for testing purposes that had found its way to production about five years prior. Poss had worked about a half hour when the new POS systems were installed, and picked up a few minutes here and there when the occasional update was rolled out.

Still, it was surprising that Poss didn't have the decency to show up to the awards ceremony. Maybe the invitation got lost in the mail on its way to 123 Main St, Anytown, USA 12345.

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