"I thought that I knew a thing or two about subpixels, but Google has proven to me that there are some subtle differences that I was not aware of," writes Joerg T..



"My wife and I just moved to Ireland and we are trying to set up our car insurance," wrote Giulio De Vecchi, "However, if premiums are going to be THIS high, I think we are just going to use a bike."


Christopher writes, "Could it be that Netflix would rather I play a game of Memory instead of watching movies?"


"I got this message trying to log into an account," wrote Mark Reierson, "There must be some serious code behind this site!"


Marcus writes, "Something tells me that these aren't the lads from Liverpool that I was looking for."


"While I appreciate their honesty, I was hoping that associating an email address with my print subscription wouldn't require ALREADY having an email address associated with my print subscription," wrote John R..


"Groupon sure has a generous definition of what 'Limited' really means," wrote Stephen.


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