Bogotesting - Submitted by Theo
I was helping a teammate debug an issue today, and I found myself at a loss when perusing the entry for the bug in our issue tracker. I present to you, Bogotesting:

Test Set: Negative Test Case 1337
Test: Bang around on keyboard in all areas of the application
Run: 11-17 till 12-01

Amazingly my teammate was able to solve the defect opened from such a test case. This brings a whole new meaning to fool proofing an application.


Amazing Local Talent - Submitted by Blake
"I found this conversation on a local Facebook page. Living in a small, rural town never ceases to amaze me."



My Report Won't Print! - Submitted by Mark Johansen
Years ago I worked for a company where, when the help desk folks were busy, the programmers were expected to pitch in. So, I took a call from a customer who said that her report "wouldn't print". She explained the menu picks she went through, how she clicked the Print button, but then the report didn't print.

I started with the usual ID10T questions: Is the printer turned on? Is it plugged in? But she was quickly very annoyed with these. "Yes, of course it's turned on! I can see it's turned on!" So I gradually worked up to more complicated things, like checking if the computer could find the printer over the network, whether the print spooler was running, etc.

Finally after an hour on the phone I had her try yet another experiment. "Okay," I asked, "Did it print this time."

"No," she replied, "The totals are still wrong."

"Wha ... wait ..." I stumbled. "The totals are wrong? What totals? I thought you said the report wouldn't print?"

"Yes," she said, "The totals at the bottom of the page are way too small. The report won't print."

It was at this point that I discovered that by "the report won't print" she meant "the numbers printed are not what I expected".


u c wat im sayin? - Submitted by Paul
Occasionally I help people out via AIM with an open-source project I maintain. The great thing is that unlike most of the stories on TDWTF, I'm under no obligation to provide support... or even be polite.

coolkid123> hello
me> ?
coolkid123> would it be alrite if i talked 2 u about ur server and the java wiv it? 
coolkid123> or r u busy? 
me> ok, i am leaving in a couple minutes but shoot
coolkid123> thanks lol
coolkid123> its jus i downloaded the server n then i got the java but in 
coolkid123> the quick start.doc it dont rely say how u start it up coz  
coolkid123> i kno uahve 2 us .bat script which im hpopin is cmd prompt 
coolkid123> **u have
me> did you install java?
coolkid123> no because it was a .exe file so ther was no program i cud 
coolkid123> use 2 install u c wat im sayin?
me> what?
me> install java
me> download it from sun
coolkid123> yeh i did that
coolkid123> but wen it wqas downloaded it was an .exe file
me> yea
coolkid123> so wot program do i use 2 install it
me> run the .exe
coolkid123> with wot? 
me> windows?
coolkid123> lol
coolkid123> if u need 2 install it u a setuop program dont u? 
me> you make no sense
coolkid123> aye right bk at ya lol
coolkid123> coz if its .exe file
coolkid123> wen u open it u need 2 choose a program 2 runthe file **run 
coolkid123> the
me> you need to choose a program to run the file?
coolkid123> aye because its .exe
coolkid123> its data init? so u need 2 choose a program 2 use a data 
coolkid123> then ur sayin 2 me u need 2 install it rite so im thinkin i 
coolkid123> need 2 open it wiv sum kind of install or setup program
me> i think the answer you are looking for is here: http://
coolkid123> ok thanks did u jus find that 4 me now? 
coolkid123> o cmon ther was no need 4 that! 
coolkid123> that was kanni sick duude
coolkid123> so all in all u dont c ma problem ?
me> you don't understand how to use a computer and your typing is really 
me> annoying
coolkid123> sorry i cant help it i just cant be arsed 2 type out whole 
            and perfect sentences like this, it gets really boring u understand? 
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