"Considering what happened," wrote Ben, "I felt this error message to be quite self explanatory."


"All I wanted to do was to find a replacement remote to a Yamaha receiver," writes John C., "Instead, I found myself spending the rest of the day typing!"


"It's great to see CSS and HTML in the news," Paul Compton writes, "but personally, I'm hoping to see some JavaScript to keep the coverage balanced."



"After seeing the rather unusual validation rule below while trying to book a holiday recently." writes Ruth,"I decided to take the old-fashioned route and simply booked my reservation over the phone."


"Unfortunately, I was absent that day in back in 3rd grade when they covered the |ECL000|SI multiplication tables." Yahel writes.


Daniel F. wrote, "Apparently, my screen resolution goes all the way up to '11'."


"I noticed the below when registering on a seemingly legit secret shopper site," wrote Wolf, "I guess they're using some kind of new 'metric inches'?"



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