"If you insist on using Imperial weight measurements, you had better have pretty accurate scales," wrote Tom M..


"Not only can my battery charge and discharge, it can move back and forth in time," wrote Hugo


Thomas writes, "I found this error on topcoder. If the problem persists, I hope that they can find the necessary resources to fix it."


"I'm not sure that Prolink's version English is the same as the one I'm familiar with," writes Andrew A..


J. Janssens wrote, "Wow! I have a feeling this is one record that won't be challenged for a long time."


"Searching on ipccam.com reveals that you don't want to find anything," Leo B. writes.


Lincoln wrote, "Now, I'm not proclaiming myself to be some kind of 'color expert' but I'm pretty sure the button is NOT green."


"If print is truly dead then this must be the date that it died on," laments Mark W.,


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