Who knew that Peter R.'s search on Amazon for a gift for his fiancee, would result in yet another proof of Godwin's Law.


"I just installed a Skype HDMI camera on our work TV," writes Eion Robb, " However, when I looked up the details for a colleague, it seems that he's not working within the normal boundaries of time."


"No programs installed...give or take 179," wrote Kyle K..


Jackie writes, "I just don't trust [Publisher], though [App Name] is a great app."


"This was a screen I came across while registering the Inrix Traffic app for Windows Phone 7," Michael Strother wrote, "Sounds good enough to me!"


"We're betatesting some Editing-Software with options to buy it," writes Henry K., "Whenever they ask wether we made a descission yet we send them one of their error messages."


"Maybe my next message will be sacrificed... to Cthulu?," asked Mark Haase.


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