First and foremost, thank you all for taking the survey. Your answers and comments (which I’m still making my way through) have really given me a good insight and some ideas on where to go in the near future. Speaking of which, as a result of your feedback, I’ve implemented a few simple changes.

Featured Comments

Although I’m sure a lot of you laugh hysterically every single time you see a “First!” and “FIST!!!!!!!~~!!!” comment posted, quite a number of readers would prefer to only see some of the most “well-reasoned, humorous, and insightful” comments. Speaking of which, I’m surprised that only 5.5% of you said that, given the opportunity to leave that first comment, you’d leave “a well-reasoned, humorous, and insightful reply.” Tsk, tsk, tsk.

In any case, I’ll feature a handful of comments from each article, which means that they’ll be shown on the article’s page and also highlighted in blue to distinguish from the rest. If you’ve stopped following comments as a result of your overwhelming laughter from all those “First!” posts, give these a shot!

Random Article

While my implementation isn’t quite as elegant as the JavaScript/XmlHttp-based article randomizer posted in the forums, you’re more than welcome to use either one.

New Categories

I’ve created my very own soapbox (Alex’s Soapbox) category for the more “serious” articles like Avoiding Development Disasters, which means they’ll be that much easier to ignore or find. I’ve also added the Best of The Sidebar which features – surprise, surprise – some of the best posts from the sidebar.

Improved Site Name!

Interesting fact: of the readers that cared one way or another, nearly sixty percent of you said that changing the site’s name from The Daily WTF to Worse Than Failure was the “Worst. Namechange. Ever.”, trumping not only New Coke, but the multi-billion dollar AT&T to Cingular to AT&T fiasco. Some of you don’t even recognize the new name, relying on a Greasemonkey script to change it back.

Well, I’ve got good news for you! In an effort to please everyone all the time, I’ve decided to rename the site yet again. The new, new name is “The Daily Worse Than Failure” and can be accessed via the new, new URL Please make sure to update your bookmarks accordingly.

I have a good feeling that this will finally appease those of you who prefer “The Daily WTF” and the 5.8% of you that prefer “Worse Than Failure”. You’re welcome.


Well, that's it for now - regular feature will be published a little later today.

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