Thank you all for participating in last week's survey! I crunched the numbers and read through the 150+ printed pages of comments, and learned some pretty neat things along the way:

  • Quite a number of readers missed the invisible <AprilFools> tag, and hate the new4 name The Daily WTH.
  • Not too many paid attention to the distinction between features (like Code SOD, Error'd, etc).
  • The non-coders usually don't understand the code snippets, and they're OK with that. Some would prefer an explanation in the comments, though.
  • The general consesus for the comic (MFD) was that, while the idea of having a comic here is good, MFD isn't quite "there" yet. It does show some potential, but in the mean time, the reader-submitted comics are "where it's at." There was also a lot of very helpful constructive critisism.
  • Despite hating the content here, and especially disliking me, some of you still visit on regular basis and actually take the time to leave survey comments. I'm flattered. Especially by you, Survey Taker #2883:
    • Alex, please stop trying to be funny. You are completely devoid of any sort of sense of humour and impervious to being told this. Your idea of an April Fool's joke was to pretend to rename the site what, three months after actually renaming it and renaming it back? That's not funny. You don't know what funny is. You don't get it, and no matter how much you're told, you *won't* get it. When three thousand people call you an ass, start looking for a saddle. I don't want your worthless prose, your insipid writing, or your mean-spirited forays into OS/platform wars. Basically, any time your personality creeps through, we all suffer.
  • For those of you who asked about another programming contest: yes, soon!

Of course, my analysis of the numbers is limited by complete lack of any statistical skills, so I've put together a CSV file (data only - no comments/ip) and a basic page that explains what the fields are. So here's your challenge: I will send out the official, extra-large 15'oz WTF mug to whoever comes up with the most interesting analysis (post in the comments).

Here's my attempt at using Excel to come up with some colorful graphs.

Which country did the surveys come from?


What do readers think of the different features?
Where 1 is "Love 'em, main reason I visit" and 5 is "Really hate it, doesn't belong on WTF"


Based on country, should we do another series of MFD comics?
On a scale of 1-7, with 1 being a "Absolutely! Bring it on!", 4 being "I really couldn't care less", and 7 being "If you don't kill it, I'll kill myself".

And on that note, it's a quite interesting to see that nearly 800 of you would rather commit suicide than see another comic posted here. Fair enough. I guess that old adage holds true... if you want to make an omelet, you have to kill a few people.

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