As you can probably tell by now, The Daily WTF is now named The Daily WTH, as in The Daily What The Heck. Don’t worry, though – nothing else has changed. Okay, that’s not entirely true: a few other things are changing, but they’re all mostly minor. Really, you won’t even know the difference.

That said, there were a few reasons that I wanted to rename the site, perhaps the biggest being that “What The F*” has become a bit too harsh for me. Maybe I’m just getting too old, but it seems to me that we can all have the same surprised/exasperated/disgusted reaction, but just use a nicer, more family-friendly phrase to express that: What The Heck. And yes, I realize “Heck” is just a euphemism for H-E-(double-hockey-sticks), but come-on – we should live a little!

And speaking of living a little, I’ve always wanted to explore developing some fun new content, but that old tagline (“Curious Perversions in Information Technology”) had always gotten in the way. A lot of things are still in the works, but here’s a sneak peak at tomorrow’s new feature: cuddly kittens with cutesy dialog!

Mew-ha-ha-ha, indeed. I definitely look forward to laughing out loud at these cats!


I’m sure you’ll all be just as excited as I am about this new direction of the site. And don’t forget to update your bookmarks to the new url,!

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