Trying to advance yourself in your career is really tough. Usually, if you want things to go your way, either you have to work really hard at it or pray that you know someone who might be willing to assist on your behalf.

Well, if the email that Dhruv received is any indication, you can forget about all that stuff. Yep, here's proof that, sometimes, opportunities just fall out of the sky.

I am a serial entrepreneur who has made millions, on paper and in the real world.  I'm abt to give your skills a real life chance to make a difference and just maybe help create one of the great Internet legacy companies of all time..

It's not often you get a chance to change the world, to be a part of something that will resonate with (potentially) hundreds of millions of people all over the world.  This is that opportunity...right here and now.

Candidly, we need engineering help to build something extraordinary, futuristic in vision, massive, disruptive, even game changing.....It's been described as "Iron Man" Like, very cool, amazing.

Below info from the article abt Tablets in WSJ--Thursday, July 24, 2014 When the late Steve Jobs introduced the first Ipad in 2010, he acknowledged that many people already had a smartphone and a laptop computer.  "Is there room for a third category of device in the middle?", he asked.

We all know the answer given by both Apple and the universe of customers enjoying the product, but we would have to ask the question again slanted toward Quantum (temp name only).  Is there room for a fourth category of device positioned not really in the middle, more like to the sides?

WE see this as opportunity for the 4th category.  Our product will position itself as a next generation communication device designed to provide ultra value married to ultra convenience and be futuristic and cool.  In fact, the best words that describe what we have are VALUE, CONVENIENCE, and COOL.

We are looking for an outstanding tech team to help build this....engineers with the right acumen who can think outside the box to revolutionize an industry.

that's why we are writing you.  You know people; you yourself could participate or simply direct us to sources who could engage.  
We would ask you to consider joining us and in the process, help create countless jobs and untold fortunes for many.  Our compensation will be most generous and the opportunity is beyond the pale if we have what we think we have.

AS a point of credibility, bc I realize I'm just an amourphous email at this point, I am sending you my trophy home I built for $8MM (land was 6MM) and was worth at one point 29MM.  

I started my RE empire (in Aspen) with only $10,000.  $10,000...that's it!  THe Company achieved a value at its height of $150MM with 350 employees.  Not so bad for a guy who knew nothing at all abt RE from an educated or pedigreed basis.

Yes, I got crushed in the meltdown and lost everything; that is true. But one of my gifts is seeing things ahead of the curve...a most valuable gift indeed.

Today, I see enormous value here, in this technology company.  I may be wrong, of course, but if I am right, if my compass is "on", then the upside is 100 homes like this one, maybe even a 1000.

AS a sidebar note relative to my vision skills, I tried to buy Marvel, as in Marvel comics...for $100MM...would have been worth $26Bn today, ---By the way, no one on Wall Stret saw the value at the in "no one."----and then there was a roll up of disparate insurance companies...another billion dollar plus play.

Moreover, I brought in Food Billionaire Loida Lewis (Beatrice Foods) and tried to buy Whole Foods with a bankrupt Wild Oats in 2000 to actually "own" the organic food marketplace in the US.  (The reverse actually happened).

I understand you're in academia but there is more of a crossover to technology companies than ever before.  If you're up to it, and if you wish to test your bandwdith and belong to something potentially life changing and legacy me and lets discuss our company and where your talents could apply.

The guy who painted the mural for FB made $500MM for a $65,000 mural...$500MM.....the upside here is so staggering as to defy all description if we can get Product to market first and capture market share. 

Once again, quite candidly, we need a "Mark Zuckerberg" and the team that effectuates vision into reality...
my very best

*name removed*


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