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Verizon Maintenance in Alaiowaska (from Bob)

Just a heads up - Verizon is performing some maintenance in Coralville, Alaiowaska (it's apparently the new state produced by the merger of Alaska and Iowa). Network service might be interrupted.

From: [email protected]
To: CR_Notify_All
Cc: CR_Notify_CCM
Subject: ChangeRequestForm 3-Routine Scheduled

Title: FYI: Verizon Scheduled Maintenance Notification - R-1234567 / E-12345678 Location: CORALVILLE, ALAIOWASKA, UNITED STATES
Environment: Prod.
Req_Implement_dt: 2011-01-08 12:00:00
Planned_implement_dt: 2011-01-08 12:00:00
Planned_Completion: 2011-01-08 12:00:00


Maybe we should use this anyway? (from Jason Braucht)

I just received the following promotional email from HP. Looks like someone in their marketing department is having a bad day.

The email is HTML formatted and the body contains 540 lines of

followed by what looks like the intended content. Thankfully they didn't add a
tag so the monster block of !--TEST CONTENT - DO NOT USE ---- rendered across a mere 100 or so lines...



Mumps Tech Support (from hoss)

The following arrived into our very own Inbox. I'd love to help the guy, but we're not exactly the best source of technical help on these sorts of things.

From: [email protected]
To: The Daily WTF
Subject: mumps call across the internet

Hi, I need to write calls to the internet from within mumps and to then read any data that is returned. Any ideas/help/sample code would be much appreciated.


Even 419ers are short on money these days (from Fred B.)

Looks like the debt crisis has finally affcted these 419-scammers, too. But I still think that two dollars and fifty cents is a bit on the cheap side...



Stop reading that documentation! (from Gillian)

Our network administrator has put a firewall block on (the source of documentation for the myriad of Oracle products) for what I'm assuming that he felt to be valid reasons.

From: [email protected]
To: *All-Developers
Subject: Firewall Block -


It has become apparent that many of the Application Development staff are regularly accessing during work hours, consuming large amounts of internet bandwidth. 

Since this is negatively impacting externally facing business processes, this site has been blocked, effective immediately.

Joe Theadmin
Senior Network Administrator
Initrode Inc.


Why no more Unit Tests? (from Antonio Yon)

Not much to say here - the email pretty much says it all.



Solar Flares FTL (from Anon)

Let's not be to quick to judge the IT person who sent this message to Anon. When there's no explanation, maybe solar flares are to blame.


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