"Knowing how sketchy the data is that I'm importing, 'a wizard' just won't do - I need an A-List Wizard to look things over," writes Josh P..


Jeff L. writes, "I love this new design! The greatest part was that every link I clicked showed up in the neat little scroll area!"


"This window appears when you don’t input a gender for a new life insurance policy member," wrote Jimmy T., "Maybe I'm just immature but I find this amusing every single time."


"Wait...so the self-serve checkout at Sainsbury's charges a £40 self-serve fee!?" remarked a very confused Karl Jorgensen.


Thanks to Network Connect for warning me 136 years in advance that my session is going to end," writes Remco, "I wonder what happens when I extend my session?"


Lee Gleason noted, "You know, I think I'll just by 5 at this price."


"I found this whilst looking for tips on how to clean my waterproof jacket," wrote Tom Barry, "Now, if only I could find some 'hkhdkhkd'."


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