To help inspire you to enter something great in the Second Olympiad of Misguided Geeks on The Daily WTF, here's the top entries from the first time we did this.

Readers’ Choice: Entry #100175 (Ivan Milyakov's OMG!OCRCAL)

With nearly 30% of the vote (and that’s after filtering for duplicates, such as Mr.’s 183 votes) the OMG!OCRCAL was clearly the readers’ choice. And how couldn’t it be with an English-based configuration file and a horrid OCR-based input?


Editor’s Pick: Entry #100206 (Charles Nadolski’s Rube Goldberg’s Calculator)

The overall feeling was that this entry captured the purest spirit of the contest: the right result in the wrong way with code that’s production quality but yet should ever have been produced.


Editor’s Pick: Entry #100252 (Greg D’s Universal Calculator)

The Universal Calculator was the second most popular (with over 15% of the vote), and for good reason: it spoofed a framework/application that tries to be everything to everyone and pretty much fails miserably to be anything but a waste of time. And the fact that it was built piecemeal with no planning and very little testing added to the somewhat realistic grossly inefficient design.


The OMGWTF Winner: Entry #1000043 (Stephen Oberholtzer’s Buggy 4-Function Calculator)

I agree with the judges at the time of the first contest - this one truly took the cake. This one isn't just bad code, it's believable bad code.


The Almost Runner-Ups

The judges also had some other favorites as well.