We know what you're thinking - summer is approaching making it the perfect time of year for a programming contest!

It's been a long time since we last did this, but we at The Daily WTF are excited to announce the Olympiad of Misguided Geeks at The Daily WTF Part 2 (or OMGWTF2 for short).

The OMGWTF2 is a programming contest not like what you're used to - we don't want your best solution. Oh no. We want you to code up a terrible solution to our simple request - create an “enterprise” level decision making engine. It needs to tell us, randomly, “yes” or “no”. Sounds easy right? Well we want you to build the most WTF solution for this simple problem.

Sponsor Shout-Out

You might recall hearing about New Relic as they were the sponsors of past promotions such as Free WTF Mug Day and Free TDWTF T-shirt Day. Now, the cool guys from New Relic are back to help make this contest a reality.

How to Enter

First, take a minute to check out the official contest web site - http://omg2.thedailywtf.com and read through the official rules and misc. errata that's applicable to this sort of thing. When you're ready to send in an entry, click on Submit Your Project and away you go! Submit as often as you like, but keep in mind, whatever is out there at 12:00AM June 28th is what we're going to judge.

Also, your entry only counts if you install and deploy New Relic's performance monitoring software. It's free and only takes a few minutes to do, and you'll even be able to score one of their Nerd Life T-shirts in the process

Well...What's in it for me?

Fame, glory, bragging rights, and ...prizes!

The Grand Prize

  • The winner will receive a special Asus Transformer Prime tablet engraved with The Daily WTF logo and your choice of message, a keyboard dock, and a TDWTF mug.

There's some other prizes too:

  • The MacGyver (most unexpected and clever solution): $100 ThinkGeek Gift Card, Multi-Tool and a roll of Duct Tape.
  • Lipstick on a Pig ("best" looking): $100 Amazon Gift Card, 1 can of Tactical Bacon, 1 stick of lipstick
  • Casino Royale, With Cheese(best randomness): $100 Amazon Gift Card, Box of Random Swag, and an inflatable twenty-sided die. We will not ship you cheese, but please, use your gift card to purchase some.
  • Beast of Burden (least maintainable): $100 Amazon Gift Card, a box of adhesive bandages

(Oh, by the way, the above prizes all come with cool trophies.)

In Conclusion

So, for the next month, forget about beautiful weather and fresh air. It's time to code!

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