"These car shades I found at Walmart were made especially for the American market," Bryan W. writes, "I mean just look - they work much better in Fahrenheit than in Celsius."


"Hmmm...I wonder if Github might be trying to tell me something here," writes Stefan.


Brick wrote, "In a way, I guess that the United States isn't technically in the US."


"I hadn't run the app in a long time, but it looks like I under estimated just how long that had been. I wasn't aware this app was created by the Ardipithecus," writes Paul F.


"Now you're playing with power...The power to prevent cavities and gingivitis!," wrote Ryan P.


Thomas writes, "When I got up this morning, I didn't think that a 'checking hard disk for errors' screen would be the thing getting between me and fueling up my car."


"Looks like a hard-drive crash in a London Underground station," wrote Tom, "Maybe the BIOS is simply accessing the...wait for it... wrong track."


And, rounding out a trio of error screens, it looks like Dmitriy has a sale on Windows error codes today.


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