"I recently bought a new power brick for my Asus Eee PC netbook. It was supposed to come with a free optical mouse," writes Roberto, "However, I was surprised to find that I was sent an optical moose instead."


Uzunel wrote, "Sorry, T-Mobile, but I think that with a 10.5GB plan, I should be able to post more than 10 pictures a week."


"A local computer store had this amazing special for a video card," wrote P. Patch.


"Looks like I'm being punished for it being my birthday," Kevin DeVoe lamented.


"The text on this water dispenser in Tel Aviv is technically correct," writes Michael, "It should help with operating the machine, but fails miserably."


Lauri K. wrote, "Chrome crashed on me. When I tried to restart it, I got the feeling that it was trying to tell me something."


Marcus writes, "Call me crazy, but I don't think that this really is Slovakian."


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