Hey you - do you live in or around Pittsburgh? Wanna meet TDWTF staffers? If you answered yes and yes (or maybe) then forget about what you were going to do tonight and head on down to the Diamond Market Grill in Market Square tonight for TDWTF Pittsburgh Meetup - Part 2. Things kick off at 6pm...stop by and say "hi"!

And now, on with today's Error'd.

"I spotted this in an elevator at a major Chicago-area computer science university," Larry Garfield reports, "but it leaves me wondering - If my elevator has no operating system, how is it moving???"


"Apparently because I watched a video 32 years ago, YouTube thinks it knows what I want to see now," writes Nic Brink.


Ilya Kozhevnikov finds that Hyper-V's RAM boundaries in Windows Server 2012 are a little constraining.


"Oh, Visual Firefox, I wish I knew how to quit you! Literally," wrote Peter Hamlen.


"Nevermind how Amazon figures the awesome deal on the paper cutter deserves to be in the 'Electronics' section," writes Levi B., "I want to know why there's still 41% of the laminating sheets left unclaimed with that awesome -21% savings."


"This gives new meaning to the term 'dribbling'" writes Herman P.


"I guess the spammers really have won," wrote Alexander Gieg.


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