"I was looking for a restaurant to meet a client at that was somewhere in between our respective locations when I came across this listing in Google Maps. I'll keep this in mind for clients I am trying to get rid of in the future," Rob P. writes.


"Apparently, our corporate 'web-protection' decided that it needs to protect me from some illegal drugs, like Haskell programming for example," Dmitry wrote.


"Nice work here from element14.com.au, a major international electronic parts retailer. I'm guessing their back end is very enterprisey.," Stephen T. writes.


"When installing a printer with CUPS, even success is an error," writes Bob J.


"I was wondering what it meant to let Azure services access the server, so I hovered my mouse over the '?'," Ben R. wrote, "unfortunately, I didn't learn a whole lot."


"While searching on eBay, I copied the part number from one listing to compare pricing, pasted it into the search box," Lincoln writes, "eBay couldn't find the listing it had just shown me...but it did find a Related Item."


Neil B. wrote, "I guess alphabetic sorting is one more problem another thing Slashdot's beta is having problems with."


ALSO if you happen to be at Microsoft TechEd in Houston next week, I'll be there with The Daily WTF's swag bag! (I mean, if you aren't already filled to the gills with swag already). Keep an eye out for a guy with the TDWTF logo - that'll be me.

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