I'm really at a loss of words over this code that Scott Wickham sent. I honestly can't think of anything to possibly say to augment this very, very odd way of checking for odds and evens, so here goes ...

Function IsEven(N)
  Dim LastDigit
  LastDigit = int(N) mod 10
  IsEven = (LastDigit = 0) or (LastDigit = 2) or _
(LastDigit = 4) or (LastDigit = 6) or (LastDigit = 8) End Function Function IsOdd(N) Dim LastDigit LastDigit = int(N) mod 10 IsOdd = (LastDigit = 1) or (LastDigit = 3) or _
(LastDigit = 5) or (LastDigit = 7) or (LastDigit = 9) End Function

And for users of the forum, in case you didn't get the emails, I upgraded the software over the weekend and needed to reset all passwords due to a different hashing algorithm being used.

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