"Noticed this when attempting to purchase a slackline," writes Brandon Kane, "For my own sanity I had to check that 25 meters really is 82 feet."


Michael wrote, "Yep, I think that my desktop has enough RAM to last awhile."


"Alright! My Amazon purchase qualifies for the external token bounce back reward," writes Alex Osaki, "Now, is that a good thing...or a bad thing?"


"I'm glad to see that despite how hard the Office installer is working in the background, I can still use my computer," wrote Willie.


Richard Eisenberger wondered, "Hmmm...one for $2.97 or 2 for $20.. which one should I take?"


"Whilst I don't like to be too complacent about my system, I think I can safely ignore what lm_sensors is telling me at the moment," remarked Tony Green.


"I don't know what Kies is thinking here," writes Hendrik Müller-Röhr, "I really checked my Hardware and couldn't find an open door in my invisible A: Drive."


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