Andy Miller wrote, "There should be enough free space, but I suppose, depending on how you look at it, that 427.90000000000003 is bigger than just 710.0."


"I guess my bank only does placeholder text," writes Menno.


"I had no idea that I had logged so many hours playing Team Fortress 2," writes Matt H., "I really need to get out more."


"I was wondering why it took Steam 177,574 years to download the latest Brink update," wrote Tim.


"Before you cringe at the high-end price," writes Scott Kreidler, "please understand that these are very, VERY high-performance gloves."


Ashley writes, "Visual Studio crashed, and I got this helpful window telling me that the problem is that I need a driver for my...something."


"The good news is that my Linux Mint says that I have a 147 terabyte hard drive, writes Maheswaran M., "Unfortunately, it also calls out my compulsive habit of downloading everything."


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