"I never thought that The Princess Diaries and The Shining had anything in common, but who am I to argue with Netflix's magic algorithms?" Neal L. wrote.


"I clicked on the 'unsubscribe instantly' link in a third-party vendors email this morning," writes Mike G, "I got directed to a web page with the attached image as the content. I'm still not sure if I got off the mailing list or not."


Dominic M. wrote, "I found this at the subway gate on my way to work... I hope the trains aren't affected by this too!"


"When a comment is the only content, is it still a comment?," wonders William B.


"Yes. I'll take the 'clown car suite', please," writes Jim C.


"No, banggood.com, no matter how many decimal places you use, it's still wrong.," wrote Clark.


Steven B. writes, "Apparently, moonpig has access to some pretty freaky technology - including the ability to send my great, great grandmother some chocolates.


Rodney wrote, "While searching the Atkins website to learn where I could purchase their products near my home in New Jersey, I got a little lesson in geography."


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