Alex G. writes, "This is what my GPS had to say when I was trying to find a lookout in Cabris in the South of France."


"You'd think machines were invented to uncomplainingly perform repetitive tasks. Nobody realizes that they could - like humans - hate their ungrateful low-paying jobs." writes Giannis.


"It was taking forever to update my ESXi server, so I decided to force a reboot and I received the following error," Erik wrote, "However, I'm not sure that I agree..."


"I love my phone. I has tons of features, received a lot of positive good reviews and I was able to get a great deal after a rebate," wrote Ben,"I just wish it had a bit longer battery life."

"I forgot my password and tried to reset it," writes Brian M., "but in order to do so, I had to answer perhaps the most secure security questions I'd ever seen."

"On first glance some would say calculation mistake," writes Faruk,"but I call it a very productive two hours."


"I was having some trouble with removing the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta and installing the RTM when I saw this error message," writes Rob, "I had to just give up. If Microsoft Word can't start Microsoft Word what hope do I have?"


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