“One of our developers (who has since left) scoured the internet and grabbed every single Spam Assassin rule that he could find,” writes Vivin P., “Even the weird ones.”


The only thing that Brian could think of was that the marquee means that you can "count" on your local Walgreens.


John H. would gladly pick Main or Alternate for his phone number type...just as soon as he can find it.

“I knew that fitting this 123MB file on my aging 128MB flash drive would be tight,” writes John,”What I didn't know though  was that I'd been drawing pie charts wrongly all my life!”


“A while back, I called ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) regarding a company owned by the previous owner of our house,” Duncan B. wrote, “Today I received another letter from ASIC ... while it's nice to know they received my info, hopefully next time they'll act on it.”



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