Part of what brought me into writing and editing for The Daily WTF was my love of telling stories. I’ve had a very successful career working inside of corporate IT shops, and a huge part of that success comes from my ability to take a complex technical topic and explain it simply. To do that, I fall back on the same storytelling techniques that I use here.

A lot of real-world WTFs could be avoided through better communication, and while I hate the idea of losing out on more fodder for the site, it’s my duty as an IT drone to try and stamp out WTFs.

To that end, I’m teaming up with Kevin Allison, a master storyteller who runs the Risk! podcast and teaches storytelling at The Story Studio. Together, we’re going to lead a workshop on how storytelling techniques can work together with technical details. We can improve how we gather requirements, how we interact with users and vendors, how we interact with management, and most important: how we deal with the inevitable WTFs.

I can’t stress enough how awesome Kevin’s storytelling training is- I’ve been his student in the past, and I’m super excited to work to work with him to deliver this workshop.

This three hour workshop is at 1PM, October 19th, and costs $75.00. Sign up through Steel City Improv, which is hosting the workshop in partnership with The Maker Theater.

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