"I went to get some cash from the ATM," writes Florin Andrei, "but the poor thing was sick. I hear strep was going around."


"I ran across this message while trying to configure a Toyota Tacoma on Toyota USA's website," Rob Peck writes, "I have no clue what an accy or OCAT is."


"I saw this question while watching the Clipsal 500 race a few weeks ago," Sjors writes, "though I'm not that much into Australian car racing, I doubt many ohter people will have known the answer."


"I came across this message while playing EA's Battlefield 2," notes Alec. "Unfortinuately, I think my local rendering programmer is on vacation this week."


"I chose 'stop'," Jesse writes, "it didn't seem to make much of a difference."


"Uninstalling inkscape apparently failed," writes Mark, "I can give four answers... but what is the question?"


"I just found this little bug in Sun's inner circle newsletter," notes Eric Gagnon.


Paolo writes, "Something seems to be lost in translation."


"I know times are hard, writes Ilya, "but I shouldn't have to take out a loan for some freaking ice cream!"


"I was configuring a ThinkPad on the Lenovo site and saw this," Aniket wrote, "IBM must be getting a lot of money from AT&T/Verizon if it makes it that expensive to opt-out of a broadband card!"


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