When I do my research for "What the Ad?", I see a lot of glitz, a lot of meh, and a lot of everything in between. For starters, this one from American Small Business Computers is a an example of how to get straight down to ...well...business.

On the left, you have the Cameo Connection bringing its 5 megabytes of fixed and 5 megabytes of removable Cartridge-Type Disk Drive to the party. Suave, smooth, classy.

On the right is the Corvus Connection. A little bit bratty, it foregoes "bytes" and brags about sizes in millions of characters and that it can live in a factory or an oil rig in the FRIGGEN' ocean!  Pick one, pick em both.  You're guaranteed a party either way.

Wonder twin powers activated on this one.

Am I seeing double?

Let's see if I get this one - two little kids selling lemonade and they're typing all over the computer when they are approached by an ACME Vacuum Cleaner "salesman"...um yeah.  Why don't you go have a seat over THERE, mister...

While we're on topic, what's up with the dog and cat?

Ladies and gentlemen, let us ignore the fact that the setup here is little Johnny is about 10 seconds from being on the receiving end of "march yourself to the principal's office right this minute young man" and pause to consider the following.  The technology required to capture, store, and process such an image (Assuming 12-14 inches high by 4 inches wide.  At 216 dots per inch wide by 120 dots per inch high makes for an image about 864 x 1560 pixels) would cost more than the price of a new home.

I think that either the ad is an example of advertising hyperbole to sell more printers OR we have proof of time travel. 

Personally, I want to believe in the latter.


"Normally, Anne would decline an invitation to the local Mexican restaurant or 'all you can eat Indian buffet', for fear of heartburn.  Now, with cherry-flavored SpellStar(tm) on her side, she can accept those lunch plans with confidence."

(Minor side effects may include constipation or stomach cramps. Serious side effects include loss of appetite, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and the inability to process mail merges.)


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