"This message came up while I was looking for information about a funeral home," Gary noted. "While making my friends sooo jealous wasn't my primary objective, I guess it couldn't hurt."


"I saw this at a supermarket in Sainsbury, UK," Robert Hugh Adams writes, "beyond the fact that I didn't quite expect to find silicon chips alongside the spuds, I think something's one less than expected!"


"Ulster Bank in Ireland has come up with a brilliant way of helping their customers save money," wrote Stello, "by making it more or less impossible to log in to their accounts. This was funny right up until the point where they told me I'd have to request a new, longer password by mail."


"How exciting!" notes Ben, "my bank supports those of us who likes to work extra-long days."


"While charging my Skypephone," Georges Jentgen writes, "it told me that it could not divide by 0. I have to get an iPhone soon!"


"Sears.com kept giving me this error when I was trying to set-up a gift registry," Brian Vitko wrote, "I feel violated."


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