Ever since the first Free Sticker Week ended back in February '07, I've been sending out WTF Stickers to anyone that mailed me a SASE or a small souvenir. More recently, I've been sending out the coveted TDWTF Mugs for truly awesome souvenirs. Nothing specific; per the instructions page, "anything will do." Well, here goes anything, yet again! (previous: Steak Dinner).

When most readers send in souvenirs, they'll use the postal system. Every once in a while, someone local or passing through Cleveland will stop by and exchange souvenirs over drinks at the CornerStone Brewing Company next door (which is always welcome, let me know if you're ever in the area). And then there's Danny V who, apparently, dashed in the office, threw this package halfway up the stairs, and rushed out before anyone even saw him.

I say apparently because I was out of town at the time, leaving the other guys here to cautiously pick up the package and, fairly certain that it was a bomb or something, place it in the furthest possible corner of the office. When I got back in, I opened it up and read the enclosed note. "So I asked myself," Danny wrote, "who would I want to keep me company on all those long, lonely nights writing and programming? Enjoy, but please not too much!" The box also contained the following.

Irish Girl, for those who may not be aware, has become a bit of a TDWTF meme after a March 2008 ad ran on the site featuring her wearing that shirt. Now normally, I'd resist the temptation, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a long walk on the beach to watch the sunset from a picturesque pier with Irish Girl... or, at the very least, this rather disturbing imitation.

Things ended pretty quickly after that, as a strong gust of wintery wind carried the inflatable to the frozen lake. A more chivalrous man would have certainily attempted a rescue, but I just sneaked away, somewhat relieved that I wouldn't have to find a place in the office for the simulacrum.



S. Price (Mililani, HI) sent the Xterra race guide course, Xterra temporary tattoo, safety pins to attach a race number to your shirt (or skin, if you're really tough), and a challenge coin that he picked up while working as a military contractor.


"Please enjoy a limited edition 2004 European championship coin," wrote Chris Wray (Ontario), "and good luck with the raffle!"


"Here are 39 plastic bulls," Nick Bird (Tyne & Wear, UK), "they were once attached to Sangre De Toro, a wonderful Spanish Rioja I'm addicted to. These bottles of wine cost £5.99 each, which means I'm sending you the 'rewards' of me downing over $354 worth of wine!"


D Harris (Winnipeg, Canada) sent these in.


And there's the tea that Jeanne Y. (San Francisco, CA) sent, and a postcard from Bryan.


"These are the places to go if you go to Aspen," Sam Bakula (Denver, CO) writes.


"Included in this package are some typical Dutch Sinterklaas delicacies and some very tasty speculaas cookies," Thomas (The Netherlands) wrote, "I've also included a drawing of a spider that is worth $233.95 and some stickers." And I should note... oooh man, those were some tasty treats!


I. Cellophang (Redwood City, CA) sent Grandma's Dead: Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals, a pretty fun book that's filled with postcards like these.


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