Dimitry likes it when the bad code he finds can be sung aloud. This particular line can be sung to the tune of “Rule Britannia”.

for (var html in data["html"])

Blake was surprised by this line. I guess you could say… he was shell-shocked .

if ($error = shell_exec("$mysql -h'$db_host' -u'$grantor_user' -p'$grantor_pass' mysql < $tmppath 2>&1 1>/dev/null")) { 
#handle the error…

Jeremy’s ex-co-worker is the sort of person who would wear a belt with suspenders.

initialTab = 0;
if (isNaN(initialTab)) { initialTab = 0; }

The ternary operator is a convenient shorthand for conditionals. When people discover it for the first time, some of them get a little carried away with it. Bernard had to give someone a little lesson on “order of operations”.

public Money getFinanceCredit() {
   return (isEdited() ? ((!usePercentage()) ? editedFixedAmount : 
      ((percentageOfBasis == null) ? NullMoney.NULL_AMOUNT : 
      basis.multiply(percentageOfBasis))) : NullMoney.NULL_AMOUNT);
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